HPH Precision Machining is a leader in high-volume production of turned metal parts manufactured on multi-spindle screw machines. Parts are routinely made of steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminum and other metals. HPH multi-spindle screw machine parts for legend car, defense, aerospace, appliance, electronics and other diverse industries.

Why choose multi-spindle screw machines?

When production requirements run into hundreds of thousands of parts or millions of parts there is no better solution than multi-spindle screw machines. These machines have long been recognized for their ability to produce parts at a fraction of the time required for single spindle machines. In high volume machining the speed and reliability of mechanically cam actuated multi-spindle machines by Wickman and Davenport is unmatched for productivity. Taking this reliable and established technology to the 21st century, HPH Precision has added state of the art CNC produced quick-change tooling and a proprietary computerized interface to constantly monitor tool wear, productivity and quality.

Established in 2000, HPH Precision Machining excels at supplying precision parts of the highest quality and is an ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturer. HPH is aggressive in tackling challenging and extremely difficult projects. The combination of a passion for producing the highest quality parts, cutting-edge technologies and years of expertise is unbeatable.


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